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What is it?

ESP is an open-source software platform that organizes and maps electronic health record data, analyzes the data for conditions of public health interest, and can transmit either case reports or aggregate summaries to health departments.

ESP also serves as the platform for a distributed data network that can be queried by authorized public health officials to assess conditions of interest in aggregate, in a secure and transparent fashion under the oversight and control of the data owner. 


    Disease     Surveillance


ESP uses algorithms to detect infectious diseases, chronic conditions, and other issues of public health interest.

      Case       Reporting


ESP can create and submit electronic case reports for notifiable diseases that clinicians and clinical practices are required by law to report to health departments.

Vaccine Safety Surveillance


ESP can improve the safety of vaccine programs by detecting and reporting adverse vaccine events to the national Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS).

Custom Queries


ESP allows for custom querying and creation of population level summary reports.

Predictive Analytics


ESP includes algorithms to identify patients at risk for key diseases, such as HIV and cardiovascular disease.



RiskScape is ESP's web-based data visualization system.  RiskScape allows users to map diseases or health conditions, explore affected populations, and assess for changes over time in an easy and intuitive fashion.





Technical Resources

ESP source code and technical resources are available from this site free of charge.

ESP is open source and free to use under a BSD-3-Clause license.  

Consult the Implementation Kit to walk through the steps required to start using ESP.

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